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Archives - Page 11


Elliptical Horror - Part 1


 The handsome young jock was enjoying a home workout when

a masked intruder entered his home, overpowered him and tied him to

the machine.  The young man cringed as the man fondled him all over,

then starts to rip off his clothes, groping him as he does, sending waves

of fear and disgust thru the poor jock who can do nothing to defend himself.


Elliptical Horror - Part 2


 The intruder snips and tears the young jock's briefs until they are nothing

but tattered rags, offering no protection from his groping hands.  The man

fondles the athletes cock, and to the young man's shame it begins

to respond, growing firm and erect in his hand. The intruder

continues to manipulate his cock and soon the young man

looses control, spilling his seed on the strangers hand.


Elliptical Horror - Part 3


 Having shamed himself by cumming in another man's hand, the young

jock thinks his ordeal is ended, but the intruder has one more humiliation in mind. 

The man uses a leather paddle to spank his naked ass, making him to run while

he does so, while the handsome young man writhes, whimpers and screams

in pain and humiliation.


Stripped, Licked and Jerked - Part 1


Young, smart and handsome, the muscular stud was the unsuspecting object of the

attentions of a crazed stalker who now has him bound, gagged and struggling to

free himself.  The man goes about the task of rip stripping the stud, slowly revealing

a finely developed body, a long fat cock, and low hanging balls, a work of art,

so sexy in his naked, helpless vulnerability.


Stripped, Licked and Jerked - Part 2


The masked man can't resist, he licks, kisses and sucks every inch, every

muscle on the frightened young man's body, paying special attention to his nipples

and feet.  The helpless stud can do nothing to defend himself as he writhes in a

state of fear, shame and disgust.


Stripped, Licked and Jerked - Part 3


 The young captive feared this would happen, that the masked man would grow

tired of just licking and try to make him cum.  The man wants that kind of control

over the helpless stud.  Seeming to enjoy the young man's disgust and discomfort,

he licks, sucks and jerks his big cock while he struggles to maintain his composure

and not respond. 


But it's no use, and his cock quickly begins to grow to erection in the masked

man's mouth.  Then, in spite of his efforts to resist, he shoots a load clear across

the room as the man holds his balls in one hand and jerks him off with another in

the ultimate show of domination, then milks the last drop from his spent cock as

the young man wallows in shame and self loathing.


Office Fuck  -  Part 1


The young executive was working late, alone in the office, when a

masked intruder overpowered him.  Now bound and gagged he's at

the mercy of this stranger as he slowly rips and tears the clothes from his body. 

His struggles and pitiful cries for help are of no avail, the gag and restraints

have rendered the strong, muscular young man helpless, unable to defend

himself from this crazed attacker.  When he's finished, the man leaves him

with his clothes in tattered rags and his cock, balls and virgin ass

exposed and vulnerable.


Office Fuck  -  Part 2


Now the unthinkable happens.  Still bound and gagged in a humiliating

position with his tight, virgin hole exposed and vulnerable, the muscular

young man realizes that the masked man intends to fuck him.  He looks

with wide eyed terror as the man shows him each dildo before using them

to fuck his tight, straight guy ass, while he can do nothing but

whimper and moan, unable to stop this man from taking

his manhood from him forever.


Office Fuck  -  Part 3


The young man thinks his ordeal is over when the masked stranger

leaves him bound and gagged on his desk, but he's horrified

when an accomplice enters. 


This one seems interested in fondling his naked, muscular body, but soon

his attention turns to the stud's exposed cock and balls.  He gently strokes

the young man to erection, in spite of his efforts to resist, and soon he's

rock hard, trying to hold on, trying not to embarrass himself.  But the

man increases his stroking tempo and the stud eventually looses

the battle, shooting his load on his stomach and the intruder's hand. 

The man continues to stroke his spent cock as the stud

wallows in shame and disgust.


Hog Tied Muscle - Part 1


This hot, muscle bound stud finds himself hog tied, gagged and at the mercy

of a masked intruder, who slowly rip strips him, revealing bulging biceps,

tree trunk thighs and a perfect bubble butt.


Hog Tied Muscle - Part 2


The masked man returns, rubber gloves in hand, and proceeds to finger

the young man's virgin asshole.  The humiliated stud can do nothing to

defend himself as the man fucks his tight hole with a series of dildos

while he whimpers and moans in pain and shame.  To add insult to injury,

the man leaves a butt plug in his ass and proceeds

to spank him by hand and with his belt.


Hog Tied Muscle - Part 3


Left alone, still hog tied with a butt plug in his ass, the young stud begins

to think his ordeal is over, when someone else enters the room.  His relief

when the new man removes the butt plug quickly turns to panic  when he starts

to grope and fondle his exposed cock and balls.  The muscle stud is disgusted

with himself as his cock starts to respond, hardening to the gentle touch of

this man until, in spite of his efforts to maintain control, he shoots his

load in the intruders hand.

Cowboy Spank - Part 1


The hunky cowboy fell into a trap when he came to work here.  Now he

finds himself bound and gagged in the barn, made available for the

pleasure of the boss' anonymous friend.  The stranger takes advantage

of the control he has been given over the hired hand, ripping, tearing

and cutting his clothes to reveal his muscular body as the young

man struggles to free himself.


Cowboy Spank - Part 2



Now clad only in torn rags, tied with his hands behind his back and

a ball gag in his mouth, the poor farm hand struggles to free himself as

the masked man begins a hard spanking.  He starts off spanking with his hand. 


When he's satisfied that his victim is warmed sufficiently, he attacks him

with wooden and leather paddles.  The young man whimpers in pain

and humiliation, fighting back the sobs thru his gag. Then to add insult

to injury, the man whips the cowboy with his own belt as his

high pitched squeals fill the barn.


 Cowboy Spank - Part 3


 Now with his legs spread wide and tied in the air, the cowboy is wide eyed

in terror, not knowing what's coming next.  The man returns and starts to

beat the soles of his feet with a wooden spoon, riding crop and cane. 


The young hired hand has never felt such intense pain, waves shooting

from the bottom of his feet to the base of his spine.  When the man

stops to oil and massage his feet the cowboy thinks his ordeal has ended,

but the man is simply tenderizing them for more punishment. 

When he resumes with the cane the poor young stud breaks,

sobbing in tears from the pain.


Cowboy Spank - Part 4


The masked man has saved the worst for last, a brutal beating with a crop,

whip and cane.  Soon the farm hand is reduced to a sobbing, whimpering

broken man, defeated and humiliated by this masked stranger, this fiend

of the farm owner, as his frantic, high pitched, muffled cries fill the barn.


Cowboy Spank - Part 5


After his brutal spanking the young cowboy is horrified when he realizes

the masked man is not done with him yet.  This monster wants to humiliate

him more.  Unable to ward off his advances, the cowboy is defenseless

against his sexual advances and must endure the man's groping and fondling,

and he's mortified when his dick grows hard in the man's hand. 


This evil man keeps the cowboy on the edge for what seems like hours,

enjoying the power he has over the young man, until he finally strokes him

to orgasm.  The humiliated farm hand shoots his load on his stomach

and his attackers hand.


Landscaper's Assault - Part 1


 He was working hard in the hot son, his lean, muscular tanned body

covered in sweat, and he didn't realize he was being watched. 

Now he is gagged and restrained in the garage, and an unknown

masked man is tearing off his clothes.  The young man struggles

in vain as the man strips him until he is wearing just tattered rags,

naked, vulnerable and afraid.


Landscaper's Assault - Part 2


 The hunky young gardener's torment continues when a different man

enters the garage to take advantage of his naked, vulnerable state. 

The poor young captive is groped and fondled, his genitals are stroked, 

and he is soon erect in spite of the fact that it is a man  playing

with his cock.  He tries to resist the pleasurable sensations

being put upon him but eventually gives in and shoots his

thick load of cum on the man's hand. 



Locker Room Assault  -  Part 1


 Bound and gagged in the locker room, the muscular jock struggles to

free himself.  He is alone with a masked intruder and at his mercy, and the

man intends to take advantage of his helpless situation.  He fondles

and gropes the players muscle bound form, then starts to rip strip

him naked.  The young man cries out thru his gag with a mixture

of fear and disgust, but no one hears him, except for his attacker,

as he slowly exposes his victim muscular body.



Locker Room Assault  -  Part 2


 The Jock thinks his ordeal is over when the masked man leaves the

locker room, but he had an accomplice who now approaches the still

bound and gagged player to have his way with him.  The man gropes and

fondles the player and he flesh crawls with disgust, but his cock starts

to respond when the man begins to stroke it, in spite of his efforts

to resist.  The man is relentless, he won't stop until he has

what he wants, a load of the young man's cum in his hand.



Buffed Bound Soldier - Part 1


Dressed in his fatigues, this muscle bound soldier finds himself  bound, with

his hands tied behind his back, at the mercy of a strange masked man.

The man takes perverse pleasure in slowly cutting the uniform from the frightened

soldiers muscular body, taking time to fondle every muscle as it is exposed.


The soldier, powerless to defend himself, is revolted by the touch

of another, strange man.


Buffed Bound Soldier - Part 2


Now almost naked and very vulnerable the young soldier is terrified when

the masked man approaches with a wooden paddle and starts to beat

his muscular butt. Unable to defend himself, he cries out in pain as his

ass turns bright red under the assault and he's reduced to a pathetic whimper,

a far cry from the brave, young fighting man he once was.


Buffed Bound Soldier - Part 3


The masked man has the brave young soldier on his knees, with his feet

behind him, whimpering in fear of what's to come next.  His confusion when

the man removes his boots turns quickly to pain and panic when he starts

to beat his feet with a metal rod.  He starts out slowly but builds in intensity

and the pain begins to mount.   Soon the young man is in agony as bolts

of pain shoot from his feet up his legs, his pathetic wailing fills the room

as he struggles in vain to protect his tender feet.


Buffed Bound Soldier - Part 4


Tied face down to a saw horse, with his ass in the air, exposed and vulnerable,

the young soldier is subjected to a hard beating with a frat paddle.  The blows

rain down on his already sore and tender ass and his high pitched screams

echo through the room.  He seems to be pleading through his gag, desperate

for this strange man to have mercy on him.  When the beating stops momentarily,

he thinks his prayers have been answered, but the beating starts again with

a single tailed whip, then a riding crop, sending jolts of pain shooting

through his body.


Buffed Bound Soldier - Part 5


Still tied to the saw horse, his ass spread wide and vulnerable, the young soldier

is unable to defend himself when the masked man returns and begins an assault

on his tight, virgin, straight guy hole.  Starting with his fingers, the man fucks

his hole to loosen him up for what's to come.  When his tight young hole has

been opened enough to allow something larger, the man shoves a small

black dildo in his ass as he wails and gasps in at the intrusion.  But the worst

is yet to come.  The man returns with a large dildo attached to a pole and

savagely fucks his ass as the young man cries out in pain before sticking

a butt plug in him before he leaves.


Buffed Bound Soldier - Part 6


Tied on his back to a rack, the masked man leaves the poor young soldier

alone to contemplate his fate.  Another masked man enters the room and takes

advantage to the young stud's helpless situation to reach into his torn briefs to grope. 

The man fondles him to erection.  Then when his cock is rock hard, he jerks

the young man's cock, making him to shoot a load.


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