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Bo In Trouble - Part 1


The mystery man find Bo bound and gagged and proceeds to slowly rip and strip

the wife beater from his body exposing his chest. After being manhandled and oiled,

he then proceeds to cut away his dress pants and underwear.






Bo In Trouble - Part 2



Left in his shredded clothing, his last ounce of dignity is take away as he

is left fully exposed with his unprotected cock hanging out all while he

struggles and moans while the mystery man proceeds to man handle

the reluctant young man.





Franco In Trouble - Part 1


Franco is a straight guy with a big chest and biceps who find himself strung up

and helpless as his clothes are slowly ripped and cut from his body.

He struggles and moans wondering what is going to come next.




Franco In Trouble - Part 2


The masked man continues to cut off Franco's clothing, leaving him with just

a small flap from his torn briefs to hide his erection which, to his shame

keeps poking out from behind the cloth as the masked man gently strokes

and caresses it through the fabric.


Franco In Trouble - Part 3


Franco is now stripped down to a small flap covering his bulging erection,

until that too is torn away, leaving him totally naked and vulnerable, and

the masked man begins a slow, gentle but relentless stroking of his engorged

dick, until he surpasses his disgust at being touched by a man and years for

release. But the mask man isn't that kind, he's enjoying the control he has

over this bound muscle stud. Over and over  again he slowly strokes Franco's

dick until he's standing on his toes, writhing and moaning, unable to even

beg for release because of his gag, until the masked man strokes one

more time and sends him over the edge. But to his horror, he lets go of

his cock just as he begins to squirt, ruining his long awaited orgasm, as he

stands bound and gagged, squirting cum like a fountain, as the masked man

stands back to admire the sight. Then, once he's had his ruined release, Franco

is left with a feeling of disgust at allowing himself to cum with a man.



Superhero Stripped & Man Handled


This beautiful specimen of solid muscle won't be fighting crime today.

Instead he has been tied to a pole and gagged. His spectacular body is covered

only by his tights, superhero mask and costume, but not for long.


As our hero is struggling and gagged, his super powers can't help him from

being man handled by a masked villain.


Our superhero can't do anything but struggle against his restraints, while he is

being oiled up by the villain, who enjoys cutting away his costume leaving

our super muscled stud fully naked.




Prince Enchanting - Part 1

Prince Enchanting, young, virile, with a magnificent body finds himself

strung up, gagged and helpless, his muscular form evident in his tights

 and cod piece. His clothes are slowly ripped from his body.

He is struggling and moaning into his gag as he is manhandled by a masked man.

His tights are ruined as oil is poured onto his body which also causes

his already tights to become almost transparent.




Prince Enchanting - Part 2


Still helpless our Prince enchanting has his once proud uniform and attitude

 cut and ripped from his body, revealing his taunt firm muscular body.

He is left struggling wondering what is too happen to him next.



Prince Enchanting - Part 3


Things are not getting better for our hero Prince Enchanting, not only

will not be riding in a white horse to save the day, he is instead humiliated

as the rest of his Royal costume is now in shreds and he is left fully

exposed and vulnerable.




Ralph in Trouble


Scott carries his bound and gagged, straight, muscular man to the basement

casually over his shoulder and proceeds to strip his clothes and oil and massage

every muscle of his well developed body. The straight guy cringes and moans,

his flesh crawling from the intimate touch of another man



Sculpted Muscle Adam - Part 1


Adam is 20 years old, straight, 200 lbs of beautifully sculpted muscle.

Unfortunately, he's about to pay the price for his misdeeds.


Tied to a platform, his clothes are slowly ripped and cut from his magnificent body

as he struggle, moans and whimper. He shudders in disgust as every inch of his

body is massaged and man handled as he's slowly stripped naked in preparation

for punishment he knows is coming.



Sculpted Muscle Adam - Part 2 - Bastinado


Once again, Adam is completely naked, bound and bitch gagged.

He is vulnerable and powerless, his sexy feet are oiled and massaged until

they are tender and sensitive, then whipped mercilessly with a cane until

he cries out in pain and anguish.




Sculpted Muscle Adam - Part 3 - Spanked


Finally the foot whipping stops and Adam breathes a sigh of relief,

believing that it is all over.


But it's just begun, as now the attention is turned to Adam's muscular round butt,

and delivers a spanking with paddles, whip & crop that have the poor young straight

stud writhing in agony, his muscular body twisted in anguish as he cries out

in pain and humiliation.






Michael in Trouble


This straight guy is perfect. His body is nothing but lean, perfectly sculpted muscle

topped with blond hair. Our masked man decided to play with his feet for awhile

and enjoys rubbing oil all over his handsome body.


He looks at the masked man with such pitiful, pleading eyes as his

clothes are slowly cut off until he's naked and vulnerable.




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