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Superhero Marionette -  Part 1


This spectacle must be the masked man's idea of a sick joke, having

the superhero strung up like a marionette, his every move a anguished

dance for the pleasure and entertainment of his assailant.  But this

humiliation is only the beginning, for when he tires of his joke, he

takes a pair of scissors and begins to cut away at the hero's clothes,

revealing a smooth, defined chest.


Superhero Marionette -  Part 2


 As his ordeal continues, the masked man tears and cuts the hero's clothes. 

The ridiculous nature of his bondage makes struggling difficult and

resistance impossible, he flops around, unable to defend himself as he's

stripped naked by a strange man.  Soon his cock, balls and asshole are exposed,

and the superhero cringes in disgust while his assailant gropes and fondles him,

his bondage insuring his exposure in humiliating detail.


Superhero Marionette -  Part 3


The superhero struggles in vain as the masked man focuses his attention

on his asshole.  Lightly touching it with his finger at first, he begins

to prod and poke more aggressively until he inserts his finger and begins to

fuck the humiliated hero.  He's powerless to defend himself, his attempts

to struggle and fight off his attacker only cause him to flail about even more,

adding to his humiliation.  But the masked man has only just begun. 

He produces a number of dildos of various sizes and proceeds to fuck

the hero with each, relishing his domination over the naked and exposed man. 

Then the hero's blood turns cold with fear when the masked man produces

a dick on a stick, as he whimpers in anticipation of what's to come. 

The man then savagely fucks the defenseless, emasculated hero with

this contraption as he yells out in pain and humiliation,

calling for help that doesn't come.



Superhero Marionette -  Part 4 


The poor superhero's emasculation is not complete, for the masked man

has one final humiliation in store'  He's determined to use the young hero

as his own bitch.  With his legs spread in a most painful and humiliating posture,

his cock and balls on full display, the young man whimpers and pleads through

his gag the strange man takes his cock in hand and begins to manipulate it. 

To his horror, the superhero begins to respond.  The masked man is an

expert at this and the hero begins to harden in spite of himself. 

Soon the masked man has him moaning and grunting like a little pig

as the masked man jerks him to a humiliating orgasm, then leaves him

to struggle alone, his cock still hard and covered with his own cum,

defeated and degraded.



Police Officer Ripped & Stripped -  Part 1


Whoever this masked man is, he must be someone with a vendetta against

the muscular young officer, he must have arrested him for something

and now he's out for revenge.  How else could the handsome young cop

explain how he finds himself in this strange place, bound and gagged,

with his uniform slowly being cut and torn from his body as he whimpers in fear.


Police Officer Ripped & Stripped -  Part 2


The young officer's ordeal continues as the masked man cuts and tears away

at his clothes revealing more and more of his muscular form.  Soon the

cop is almost naked, bound, gagged and fully exposed as he whimpers

and pleads for his life, not knowing what's to come next.


Police Officer Ripped & Stripped -  Part 3


 The masked man is determined to humiliate this cop in the enactment

of a strange and bizarre fantasy.  Stepping back and watching the

humiliated cop, exposed and vulnerable  as he whimpers and begs,

the masked man completes his degradation by ordering him to jerk off. 

The terrified policeman takes his cock in hand and, filled with self loathing,

hating himself for doing this humiliating deed, he strokes

himself to orgasm as ordered.



Young Executive Stripped, Milked and Fucked - Part 1


In part 1, our handsome young executive is bound from the ceiling in his

dress shirt, tie and pants and struggles as his starched white shirt is cut away

while he is struggling. He is gagged with a piece of cloth, which is secured

into his mouth with clear tape. As our masked man cuts off his shirt

you see what a muscular buff stud he is.

Obviously he is spending time at the corporate gym.



Young Executive Stripped, Milked and Fucked - Part 2


Our struggling executive has more of his clothing cut and ripped off until

he's left with only a thin strip of his briefs providing him just a bit of modesty,

covering his throbbing erection, until the that fabric is slowly cut away 

to reveal his hard on in all it's glory.




Young Executive Stripped, Milked and Fucked - Part 3


The last scrap of fabric covering his raging hard on is slowly ripped

away and his hard dick springs free. The young executive

is mortified to be hard in this situation, erect and excited while

being manhandled by an older man.  The masked man

slowly and gently strokes his cock and he struggles not to cum,

trying to hold on to his last shred of dignity, not wanting to embarrass

himself by shooting in another man's hand. He grunts and moans and

struggles, trying to hold on, but the masked man is relentless with his soft,

gentle strokes, until our young executive looses his composure and shoots his

load in spite of himself. Then the masked man milks his sensitive head dry

while the executive struggles and moans some more.




wk 17 -  Young Executive Stripped, Milked and Fucked - Part 4


Our buffed young executive gets dildo fucked by the masked man.

On his back with his legs spread wide in the air like a bitch, 

our businessman is horrified to realized that he's going to be fucked

and there's nothing he do to stop it. The masked man uses

a series of increasingly larger dildos, culminating with a dick on a stick,

as our young man writhes in pain and humiliation, grunting and moaning

and crying out in pain and shame.





Diesel Spanked - Part 1


Diesel is a 25 year old red headed, straight, personal trainer with a perfectly sculpted

body, all done up in his Prince Charles kilted regalia to show off his Scottish heritage

and about to get his fine ass spanked. First, Rich takes this prime piece of muscle of

his knee, slowly lifts his kilt to reveal one of the nicest asses he's ever seen, and begins

to spank the now embarrassed young man by hand, then with a spatula. Diesel makes

quite a spectacle, kilt pulled up around his waist, his muscular ass and thighs on display

as he's spanked like a child. So far, aside for the leg kicking, he seems to be

handling it well.



Diesel Spanked - Part 2


Diesel still in his kilt, is sent to retrieve a long handled bath brush and Rich uses it

to assault his beefy ass with it. Diesel is now obviously in pain, OTK, kicking his legs

and crying out with every stroke of the brush.


He's now worried about what he's gotten himself into.





Diesel Spanked - Part 3


Now our 25 year old kilted stud is told to face the camera and slowly strip off all of but

the kilt itself. When he's stripped down to just the kilt and socks, Rich instructs him

to raise the kilt and face the camera. You can see him hesitate as this straight boy thought

he was going to avoid full frontal nudity, but at Rich's firm insistence he reluctantly raises

the kilt to revel his large dick. Rich has him stand there for about a minute, knowing there

was no purpose other than to expose and humiliate himself, then ties this gorgeous

piece of muscle man meat over a spanking horse, his balls and ass hole exposed,

and begins to lash him with a riding crop.


There is a point at which a young man receiving a spanking forgets his dignity and

whoever might be watching, and begins to really carry on like a bitch. Rich brought

Diesel to that place very quickly with the crop, and kept him there for the duration.




Stripped & Oiled -  Part 1


Lying there bound and helpless, the victim of a prank about to go very wrong,

He looks so inviting.  His tight, muscular body is stretched out

so that every muscle is displayed beautifully as he struggles in his restraints. 

It was bound to happen.  Now he is at the mercy of a masked stranger who

has decided to expose this beauty and have his way with his muscular young form.

The young man is powerless to defend himself as his assailant slowly

cuts away at his clothes, leaving him exposed, vulnerable and afraid,

fearing what's to come next.


Stripped & Oiled - Part 2


The hunk lays helpless as the masked man continues to cut away at his clothes,

leaving more and more of his beautifully toned and tanned body exposed,

available to his exploring hands, while he struggles in vain. 

When only his tighty whities remain, he seems to slow down,

savoring the hunks panic as he awaits the inevitable, until the

last bit of cloth is slowly cut away, revealing his cock and balls

as he struggles in fear and shame, his beautifully sculpted body spread

out before the strange, frightening man.


Stripped & Oiled - Part 2 -  Part 3


In part 3, the hunk can do nothing but lay there powerless as the

masked man's groping hands oil, massage and fondle every inch

of his body, the light coating of oil accentuating every muscle

and curve of his sexy young body.





Spanked By An Unhappy Fan - Part 1


Chris is a hot, up and coming star football player, a handsome young man with a superb

 body and a multi-million dollar contract pending, he seems to have it all. But his

sloppy plays lately have the cost the team's biggest fan and heaviest wager to loose a lot

of money, and he decides to take matters in his own hands and teach the young man a lesson.


After a game, he ropes up the player, and keeps him bound and gagged in a closet.

Then, when the stadium is dark and empty, he takes Chris back to the locker room for a

hard work out and an embarrassing and painful bare bottomed spanking that has

him cry out in pain as he does jumping jacks while being spanked. Then he's taken over

the fans knees for a blistering spanking with a hairbrush that has him kicking, squirming

and hollering like a little boy. But this is just the beginning.


Spanked By An Unhappy Fan - Part 2


The fan now makes the handsome player to do leg lifts with his hands tied behind

 his back. The player struggles to complete them to the fan's satisfaction, but it's of

no use, the fan seems out for revenge. He ties the players feet together and begins a

long, hard caning of his feet as the player begins to cry softly like a child.


Spanked By An Unhappy Fan - Part 3


Suspended from the ceiling, clad only in his torn jersey and jock strap,

his muscles tensed and straining, the player looks like a magnificent

piece of meat as the unhappy fan begins to spank him with a yard stick

like a school boy, until he's hopping around and crying in pain.

Then, to add to his humiliation, the fan removes his jock and

stuff it in his mouth as he continues the spanking of the sobbing young man.

What a beautiful sight, this strong, muscular, handsome young man, naked and

bound, crying and sobbing, the pride and arrogance spanked out of him.


Spanked By An Unhappy Fan - Part 4


Now our handsome player is made to stand and suffer a beating with a

riding crop on his chest, abs and legs. His muscles tense and contract,

his fist clench, his breathing is in loud gasps and he howls in pain but

he must stand and take the abuse until he's ready to collapse.

Then he's bent over a stool and the cropping

continues, kicking his muscular legs in reaction to every swat.



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