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Bank Bailout Payback - Part 1


We begin as our arrogant banker is overheard on a phone call bragging about

fixing numbers to receive federal bailout money. To make matters worse he's

planning his vacation with his girlfriend with that money while pocketing his

underserved commissions and bonuses for a job not so well done. With power

though, comes enemies, and the masked man is about to take our cock banker

on a surprise vacation from hell. The masked man takes the sexy young banker

and moves him to a more private location where he awakes bound and struggling

with fear in his eyes. The masked man takes his time slowly tearing away pieces

of the bankers suit, exposing a hot chiseled body (thanks to his shady business

dealings money is not object when choosing a personal trainer). The banker is

unable to break free, and helpless, his gagged pleas go unheard as he is stripped

and man handled by another man.


Bank Bailout Payback - Part 2 - Bastinado


Our arrogant banker is tied and gagged with most of his expensive executive

suit cut to shreds. The masked man returns to the room where he left the

sexy young banker bound on the floor. The masked man take a wooden case

to the bankers feet in a bastinado scene that has the victim screaming and

cringing. The masked man shows no mercy as he unleashes lash after lash

out he struggling executive's tender soles.


Bank Bailout Payback - Part 3 - OTK Hand & Hairbrush


Our masked man puts the bound and helpless banker over his knee to administer

punishment for his wrongdoings. He takes a firm hand and hairbrush to the

arrogant bankers ass which is first covered in his tight briefs, but those are

soon ripped to shreds and the lesson continues on his bare butt, teaching

him a lesson that he will never forget.


Bank Bailout Payback - Part 4 - Leather & Wooden Paddles


The masked man cuts more of the bankers clothing and you can see in his

eyes that he realizes his ordeal is not over. The masked man then goes to

work on the banker's ass with a slim leather paddle. He delivers blow after

blow to the struggling banker's red ass, showing no sympathy for the once

arrogant executive. The masked man then switches to a heavy wooden

frat paddle. The banker's struggles to escape are unsuccessful as the masked

man continues to deliver heavy punishment to the banker's tender ass with

hard blows from the large paddle.


Bank Bailout Payback - Part 5 - Cropping


The masked man finish up his heavy punishment of the banker with a painful cropping.

The once cocky banker is now begging and whimpering as the masked man

delivers blow after blow to his ass, legs, and feet while the executive is tied

over a saw horse. The masked man then leaves, leaving the banker bound,

gagged and in tears, and to think.


 Suited Jr. Executive  - Part 1


This handsome young executive, this junior achiever with the classic facial features and

beautifully sculpted body is used to being on top of the world and having his way in life. 

But today someone is having their way with him.  Blindfolded, bound and gagged,

the mysterious masked man has decided he wants access to the young man's body,

and slowly rips and cuts his expensive suit to shreds, massaging and fondling as he

exposes and enjoys his tight, muscular young body while the junior executive struggles,

grunts and moans, unable to believe what is happening to him. 

Putting him onto his stomach, the masked man fondles his inviting butt through

the thin fabric of his tight, white jockey shorts.



Suited Jr. Executive  - Part 2


The young junior achiever's ordeal continues as the seat of his shorts are cut away

revealing a gorgeous set of muscular buns covered with a light coat of fine hair. 

The masked man wastes no time in hogtying the helpless young man and continues

stripping him of his clothes. He wants to have all of this fine specimen. 

Turning him on his back he continues tearing and the last of the young man's clothing

begins to fall away.  But his struggling increases.  He knows what's about to happen

and he begins to panic, fearing that his secret is about to be revealed.  As the masked

man cuts off the last of his briefs a throbbing erection springs into view, revealing his

dreaded secret that he is turned on by rough play with another man.



Please Don't Hurt Me - Part 1


A 20 something lean, muscular straight guy was bound and gagged and slowly ripped

by a masked stranger while he whimpered.


He begged "Please don't hurt me" as inch by inch his clothes were ripped

and cut away revealing a beautifully sculptured body and

a surprise when his briefs were torn off.

Please Don't Hurt Me - Part 2


This segment starts as the last shreds of our lean and muscular straight guy's

 briefs are cut away, revealing an embarrassing erection, which the unfortunate

straight guy can't even hide. His whimpers continue and he struggles which

the masked man takes his erect dick in hand and begins to stroke. But his

pleading eventually turns to heavy breathing, moans and groans and thrusting

hips as he feels himself being aroused, until what is dreaded for a straight man

finally happens, he explodes in the masked man's hand in spite of himself.




Stripped Dildoed and Jerked Off - Part 1


The young man find himself in his own bed tied and gagged, slowly having his

pajamas ripped, exposing every inch of his body. But his secret is revealed as

his dick is rock hard, and remains so throughout the evening.

The poor young man is helpless as he's kissed, licked, slapped and punch,

his balls are twisted and slapped, but his dick betrays him. Hard as steel.



Stripped Dildoed and Jerked Off - Part 2


Now almost completely naked, spread eagle and vulnerable, the briefs are cut

off leaving him totally naked and rock hard. The masked man begins to

jerk his cock. The helpless young man grunts and groans, his legs tense,

his toes curl and extend, until finally he surrenders his cum to another man.

Then as he begins to shoot, the masked man lets go of his dick and steps

back to admire the sight of a young man bound helplessly and

squirting cut, unable to control himself.



Stripped Dildoed and Jerked Off - Part 3

After the hand job and orgasm at the hands of another man, he is subjected to

the ultimate indignity for a straight man. He is fucked with a series

of dildos while he's on his back and has to take it like a bitch. You can tell from

the genuine moaning, grunting, it was a humiliating experience.




Tuxedo Strip Reveals Embarrassing Hard On


After he attended a formal affair, our straight guy fins himself strung up by

a masked man. This muscular young man find himself restrained in a strange

basement, and his handsome formal tuxedo is slowly ripped and cut from his body

as he struggles in vain.  As his tuxedo is cut away, his white briefs and silk socks

are revealed and also shredded.


But more than his muscular body is being revealed, as his trousers and

briefs are cut away, his dirty little secret is exposed. To his horror,

his hard cock pops into view revealing his man hood at full attention.



Shaun In Trouble


The last thing Shaun remembers in drinking and mingling at a posh corporate party,

next he wakes up bound with rope, with his mouth clothed gagged and then

covered in clear tape, as he is in an unfamiliar room. As he struggles a masked man

enters and begins to grope and man handle the horrified victim. Shaun can't recollect how

he got here but, as things go from bad to worse and the masked man slowly cuts

away and tears the suit from Shaun's body. His struggling seems only to egg

on the masked man who isn't satisfied until the straight guy is left stripped,

struggling and fully exposed.



Mike's Terrifying Encounter


Mike doesn't know how he ended up bound in the strange room and when he

awakens to a strange man entering he is immediately terrified.

The strange man slowly tears and cuts away at Mike's clothes who struggles

to avoid the man handling without success. The strange man

tears away Mike's clothing piece by piece exposing and man handling

the terrified straight guys body. 


Finally he leaves poor Mike bound, exposed and alone in the strange room.





Muscle Man Bound at the Gym


Showing off at the gym, dressed in his tight workout gear which is clinging to

his bulging muscle this straight bodybuilder is about to have a whole new experience.

Having been tricked into bondage by his friends at the gym, this muscle god

struggles to free himself after this good natured fun turns ugly

when a masked man appears.


After man handling the jock, the masked man slowly rips and cuts

away his tight gear. Our bodybuilder struggles in vain to free himself, and he's

left totally naked, restrained and bitch gagged



Trouble with the Boss - Employee Jerk Off


Our straight hunk Pat is really in trouble now.

He's been caught on tape taking advantage of a female employee by the loading dock.

Called to the boss's office and told the authorities will be called, but Pat

can't afford any more trouble with the law.


Realizing he has the advantage, the boss makes a deal with the straight

muscular stud and decides to administer a little of his own justice.  He orders

the built stud to strip and plays some straight porn, then tells the employee

to jerk off for the boss's personal viewing pleasure.



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