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Muscle Frat Stud - Part 1


 This college frat boy with the muscular, defined body and the face of

a Greek god was left alone in the frat house basement, bound and gagged,

supposedly as part of a frat hazing.  But in reality the pledge master resented

his good looks, athletic ability, his cocky arrogance and his attraction to every

 co-ed on campus, and has arranged a payback to bring him down a notch or two. 

A strange, masked man enters the room, he's been given complete access to

the young pledge, and begins a night of horror, rip stripping, fondling and

abusing the terrified young man.

Muscle Frat Stud - Part 2


This strange pervert enjoys himself as he cuts and tears at the pledges clothes,

slowly stripping him naked, revealing the muscular body of the young college man. 

The ripping sound of his jeans fill the room, adding to the pledge's terror and

humiliation, knowing he's being assaulted and unable to defend himself while

the strange hands feel and manhandle every inch of his body.  When only his

white briefs remain, the man begins to rip and tear them slowly, one bit at

a time, while the pledge struggles in vain, until he's been stripped naked. 

Then the man steps back to enjoy the sight of this young hunk struggling

naked and powerless, terrified of what's to come next.

Muscle Frat Stud - Part 3


 The masked man is enjoying himself, tormenting the now naked pledge, 

With a riding crop and flogger he whips the young naked body, turned on

by the sight of the student dancing in his attempts to avoid the whip and

crying out in pain and anguish when the blows land.  The nude young

man is defenseless and at his mercy, to do with as he pleases, and

he's pleased with the fear he knows he's caused.  When he tires of

the whips, the masked man begins to attach clothes pins to his chest

and sides, each one causing a sharp, stabbing pain as it's attached.

Muscle Frat Stud - Part 4


 Once the clothes pins are on, the masked man twists them, knowing

the pain that causes and loving the way the naked pledge jumps and gasps

in pain.  Finally he tires of this game, and slowly removes each one, know

the pain inflicted as the blood rushes back to each site.  Now he turns his

attention to the pledges exposed cock and balls.  He ties a leather cord to

the base of his balls and pulls tight to stretch them out.  With his riding

crop he whips the pledge's manhood as he dances in pain, yelling out

with each strike as waves of pain and nausea overwhelm him but

he's powerless to defend his pride and joy.  Where has his arrogance

gone now.  But one final horror awaits him.

Muscle Frat Stud - Part 5


The poor pledge feared this all along, a total assault to his youthful,

manly pride.  Tied to a bench, face down and legs spread, his poor

asshole completely exposed and vulnerable, the man fingers his exposed

anus before pushing in as the pledge groans in pain and shame.  This is the

ultimate insult for this straight lady's man.  The masked man moves on,

fucking the pledge with a number of dildos, enjoying the sight of his

muscular butt being invaded, the pain and degradation.  But then the

unimaginable happens.  It was just an involuntary response, but to his

horror his cock starts to grow hard.  The masked man sees this and

takes advantage, he intentionally rubs the prostate with the dildo until

the humiliated and defeated pledge shoots a thick load,

then lays there is shame and disbelief.

Muscle Rip and Strip - Part 1


He didn't even remember how he came to be here, the muscular young

man was out on a blind date, a young woman he didn't really know,

that was the last thing he remembered.  Now he finds himself bound

and gagged in a strange dungeon like, windowless, cold, damp room,

with a very strange masked man.  The man works with cold efficiency,

tearing and cutting his clothes off the young man's muscular body,

groping, fondling and manhandling him like he has every right to do so,

until his smooth, muscular chest and thick muscular legs are exposed

and available for his inspection and abuse.  The young man writhes in

disgust, calling out for help through his gag, but certain he's alone with this man.

Muscle Rip and Strip - Part 2


Hanging there in just the tattered remnants of his clothes, the young man

is terrified, wondering what this crazy man will do to him once he is

fully exposed.  The masked man cuts off the remainder of his trousers,

revealing the young man's muscular form looking so sexy in his clean,

white briefs.  Then, with painfully slow precision, as if to drag out

his torment, the masked man chips away at this last article of clothing with

his scissors as he twists and struggles, slowly exposing more and more of

his young manhood, fondling it as he goes to insure that his cock is

sporting a humiliating erection when fully exposed.  Then he leaves the

muscle man, bound, naked and erect, fearing what's in store as he

struggles in his ropes.


Superhero Stripped and Jerked Part 1


Our superhero in trapped. He can only struggle helplessly as his attacker slowly rips his

costume to shreds, pausing to oil and massage different muscles as they are exposed,

until he is almost naked, with only his briefs left, his balls pushing thru his costume.



Superhero Stripped and Jerked Part 2


Our superhero continues to struggle as more of his costume his cut away

now leaving him naked and vulnerable to his captors manipulation.


Superhero Stripped and Jerked Part 3


When he's totally naked and vulnerable, his captor decides he wants to see

the superhero cum.  He slowly strokes the hero's dick, which becomes

rock hard, while he struggles and moans, trying to resist shooting his

load in a man's hand. When he can't hold out any longer, as a

final humiliation, he's made to shoot his load  on his superhero belt buckle.


Preppy Stud Punished - Part 1


The preppy college student hangs awaiting his fate, a punishment spanking he

has no idea what he's done to deserve or who will administer it.

But it's obvious, even through his clothes that he is a superb piece of meat.

He shudders as a man in a mask approaches him, circles him once or twice to

add to the tension in the room, then begins a hard paddling of his muscular ass,

which soon has him crying out in pain and humiliation.

The masked man stands behind him and lowers his pants, revealing thick,

muscular thighs and a tight pair of tight, white jockey shorts,

and lifts his shirt exposing his muscular chest and continues the punishment

as he jumps, kicks and moans in pain.



Preppy Stud Punished - Part 2



The young stud looks so sexy in his white briefs with his muscular legs

spread wide and tied to poles as the masked man begins a caning of his

big sexy feet that has him crying out in pain with his leg muscles tensing and flexing.

He looks like he's about to cry.



Preppy Stud Punished - Part 3


The masked man has the young stud over his knees, his round, muscular ass

covered with the thin material of the white briefs, as he begins a

hairbrush spanking that has him in tears, with those sexy legs kicking behind him.

His shorts are lowered revealing a perfect ass as the punishment continues.

The young man kicks and squirms on the masked mans lap revealing

his cock and balls every time he jumps or kicks in pain.




Officer Franco Ripped & Stripped - Part 1


Officer Franco must have attracted someone's attention,  and now he finds himself

chained to a wall in a strange basement with a fat, old man taking advantage of him. 

He wonders who this man could be, perhaps it was someone who's advances he'd

rejected in disgust with and insulting slur.  But this man seems to be enjoying himself

at the officers expense.  He slowly rips the officers shirt from his body, oiling and

massaging each bulging muscle at it's revealed.  Officer Franco recoils in disgust,

hoping that the fondling will be limited to his chest and biceps.


Officer Franco Ripped & Stripped - Part 2


His hopes are soon dashed though as the man begins to fiddle with his belt and

lowers his uniform slacks, exposing the police officer in his boxer briefs. 

He oils and massages the cops muscular thighs, then begins to fondle his

package through his shorts.  The homophobic officer struggles and screams out through

his gag but in vain.  Slowly, very slowly, this old pervert cuts away at the cops shorts,

one little bit at a time, as if he's savoring the cops dread and shame, meanwhile

continuing to lightly stroke his dick as it hardens in what's left of his shorts,

adding to the poor cops ordeal.  When the last of the officers shorts are torn away,

he's humiliated to have a rock hard erection pointed straight at his tormentor. 

But his degradation is only beginning.


Officer Franco Ripped, Stripped & Milked  - Part 3


The masked man just stares at the humiliated cop's erection.  He knows the officer

has never been exposed like this to another man before.  Then he takes a bottle

of lube, squirts some on his hand, and reaches for the cops throbbing hard-on. 

The cop tries to pull away but can't because of his restraints, and soon he finds

himself receiving a hand-job from a man.  What's worse, he finds himself responding

in spite of his intense hatred of fucking disgusting fags.  His tormentor keeps on

stroking and  as much as he tries to prevent it, he makes the cop cum, shooting

his gig load onto the floor.  But as much as he feels violated by this masked man,

it's only making love when compared to what comes next.




Officer Franco Ripped, Stripped & Dildoed  - Part 4



Bound and gagged on his stomach on a weight bench, the cop is horrified when

he realizes what the man intends to do next.  He struggles and moans like mad,

then falls silent as the man approaches his spread out rear with a jar of lube

and greases up his finger.  You can actually hear his heart pounding as he man

slowly inserts his index finger up the cops asshole.  The poor cop struggles and

moans in anger and shame as the man fucks his ass with his finger, and two dildos. 

The officer is in agony as the man rips into his tight, virgin, straight man hole.



Officer Franco Ripped, Stripped & Dildoed  - Part 5


 Now praying that the worst is over, he just about dies when the man approaches

him with a big, purple dildo, quickly lubes it and shoves it in. 

Franco can't believe the pain.  He looks so pathetic as he tries to pull away

in his restraints like he's trying to crawl away while this guy just continues to

fuck him with the tool, enjoying the pain he's causing for the cop. 

Cowboy  - Part 1


 This rugged, muscular, handsome cowboy finds himself bound, gagged

and strung up in the barn, at the mercy of a strange man in a mask. 

His assailant begins to fondle and probe his muscular body, and he's

helpless to resist his groping hands.  He takes a pair of scissors and begins

to cut and tear away his clothes, revealing his well developed chest, which

he oils and fondles as the macho cowboy cringes in disgust.

Cowboy  - Part 2


The masked man continues to torment the young cowboy.  Ever so slowly

he cuts and tears his clothes, until only his boxers remain.  Then, taking

advantage of his helplessness, he cuts away at the shorts while fondling his cock. 

The cowboy cringes, overwhelmed with fear and hate but unable to stop him,

until the masked man has what he wants.  As his boxers are torn to shreds

he's humiliated to reveal a rock hard cock which springs into view as the

last of his shorts are pulled away.


Cowboy  - Part 3


Totally naked and restrained on his back, the rugged cowboy is horrified

when he realizes that the masked man intends to jerk him off.  He's unable to

resist as he begins to slowly and gently touch and stroke his hardening cock. 

The cowboy struggles to maintain his composure but is ultimately unable to

resist the pleasurable sensations and his cock begins to respond, hardening

in another man's hand.  As he tries in vain to prevent it, the man slowly

works him to orgasm and he shoots his load in this strange man's hand,

overcome with fear, lust and shame.


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