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Celtic Stud - Part 1


The muscular, young peasant stud, clad in the tartan kilt of his clan, finds

himself bound and gagged in the barn on the farm where he has been laboring. 

Dazed and confused, he wonders what happened to him, when a strange,

masked man approaches.  The stud struggles to free himself as the man

slowly strips him, revealing a superbly muscled body, oiling.

Fondling and massaging it as quietly removes the young mans garb.

Celtic Stud - Part 2


The masked man takes a wooden paddle and begins a punishing beating

on the young studís ass, seeming to enjoy the pain he is inflicting on the

once proud young stud.  His butt turns red and he cries out in pain as he

struggles to free himself.  Then the man switches to a leather paddle

and the young man is soon sobbing out loud, crying from the pain,

fear and humiliation.

Celtic Stud - Part 3


The Celtic peasant struggles to free himself as the masked man whips his tender,

red ass.  He cries out in pain, his body spasms and jolts with every blow

as he dances in agony, his pathetic sobbing filling the barn.  The man takes

a riding crop and continues as the stud cries out in agony; his screams

a demented mixture of pain, rage and despair.

Celtic Stud - Part 4


With the young stud laborer to a sawhorse, the masked man takes

a cane and crop to his feet, first over his sox, then directly on his tender soles. 

The studís agonized screams fill the barn as he struggles in vain to free himself. 

When he feels like heís about to pass out from the pain, he promises

to do anything, if only the masked man will make it all stop.

Celtic Stud - Part 5


The young warrior has made a deal with the devil, and now he must do

the unthinkable to free himself from this nightmare.  The man wants him

to impale himself on a cold, steel dildo on a pole.  His face is filled with fear

and humiliation as he makes himself to slowly lower his tight, virgin hole

on the metal cock, grunting in pain as the cold steel enters him.

Shower Assault - Part 1

It started like any other day, the handsome young man headed into the shower,

when he was overpowered from behind by a masked man, knocked unconscious,

gagged and tied up.  Then while he's still groggy, trying to regain consciousness,

the stranger begins to rip and cut the young man's clothes from his body. 

He strips him down to his briefs, revealing bulging biceps, chiseled  pecks,

and strong, tree trunk thighs.


Shower Assault - Part 2


 The lecherous masked man continues cutting and tearing at the young

man's briefs, rubbing and groping his cock through the fabric as he goes,

slowly exposing more and more of his cock, which is growing rock hard

from his handling.  When the shorts are cut away enough for his erect penis to

be visible, the man starts to stroke it.  In that state halfway between awareness

and unconsciousness the young man responds to his touch, and soon shoots

a load of hot cum on his stomach and chest.

Shower Assault - Part 3 

Now alert and fully conscious, the young man finds himself tied to his toilet,

his ass exposed and vulnerable.  The masked madman briefly fondles his

muscular butt before starting to spank it, and soon it turns pink, then red. 

The man continues the abuse with a wooden paddle as his victim struggles to

free himself, writhing in pain.  But when the man takes a bath brush to his ass,

the young man cries out in agony, he's never felt such searing pain before. 

Tied to a toilet, he's powerless to defend himself as he writhes and

whimpers in shame and pain.

Shower Assault - Part 4 

Still tied to the toilet, his ass sore from his beating with the brush, the young

hunk is horrified when the masked man lubes his finger, spreads his cheeks

and shoves it into his tender virgin hole.  He uses his finger to loosen the

tight hole before shoving a rubber cock in, fucking him like a little bitch. 


He groans and whimpers in pain and humiliation,  his pathetic cries eco through

the room as he struggles to free himself.  Next he inserts a butt plug, then leaves

him to contemplate his shame and degradation.  When he returns, he fucks the

shit out of the whimpering, struggling hunk with the biggest dildo of all,

enjoying his domination of the young muscle man.

Shower Assault - Part 5 

The attack continues as the masked man starts a severe whipping with

a riding crop.  The stinging crop bites into his ass, sending jolts of sharp,

burning pain through his body, his muscles straining as he struggles in his bonds.

Then when he thinks his ordeal is over, the man resumes with a cane and the

young man's high pitched, muffled cries of agony filling the room with

every stinging blow.

Shower Assault - Part 6 

Flat on his back with his legs and feet in the air he waits in fear anticipating

what will come next.  The man now turns the crop on the hunks sexy feet. 


Over and over again the blows rain down on his tender soles as he cries out in

agony.  He's never experienced such pain before and his pathetic cries ring

through the room as he looses his composure and succumbs to the pain,

crying and sobbing without shame.


Brothers Spanked  - Part 1


Pissed off at his younger brother's performance on the field, Shane decides

to take matters into his own hands.  He gets him into a punishing workout

while berating him for his sloppy performance, stripping his uniform off him

piece by piece as he goes. He makes his brother do sit ups, push ups and

jumping jacks until he's exhausted, begging him to stop, but his brother

threatens him with telling their father if he doesn't comply.

Brothers Spanked  - Part 2


The younger brother Brian is exhausted from his hard workout when Shane

takes him OTK for a spanking.  Brian resists of course but soon complies when

Shane threatens to tell their father about his performance.  He continues to berate

his younger brother while delivering hard blows with a frat paddle, telling him

"I'll beat you like dad does."  Brian begins to weep and he begs his older

brother to stop, but Shane isn't listening.

Brothers Spanked  - Part 3


The coach walks in on the scene of Shane spanking his younger brother

and explodes, "who gave you permission to discipline my player" he demands. 

He quickly turns the situation around, making Brian to punish his older brother. 

He now has Shane doing a hard workout until he's begging his younger brother

to stop, "I can't do anymore" he pleads as his brother makes him to go on. 

But the ultimate humiliation comes when the coach makes him go over his

brothers knees for a revenge spanking.  He's soon apologizing and begging

the coach to make his brother stop, crying out in pain as his brother gives it

to him even harder than he got it himself.

Brothers Spanked  - Part 4


Now the coach takes back control of his players.  He berates Brian for playing

like "a pussy" and demands to know about the hickey on his neck, telling him

he's been out all night with the girls instead of getting ready for the game. 

He takes the younger brother over his knees and spanks him with a hairbrush,

and the player is soon crying and apologizing.  But when he lets it slip that he's

been skipping class too, the coach flies into a rage, strings him up from the rafters

and delivers a painful whipping with the cane while Brian cries and begs in

a high pitched screaming tone with every stinging blow.

Brothers Spanked  - Part 5


The coach now turns his attention to big brother Shane.  Tied to the bench,

humiliated in front of the brother he was just trying to discipline himself, 

the coach punishes him for trying to take over the discipline of his team. 

He uses a leather paddle on the players firm, muscular butt, ignoring his

pathetic pleadings for mercy.  The coach seems to enjoy the sight of the

handsome, muscular player crying while he's being spanked, with his big

biceps bulging as he struggles in his restraints.  When the coach takes the cane

to his ass, Shane struggles even more, pleading for mercy, no longer concerned

about the presence of his younger brother.  The coach has a mean streak though,

he leaves it up to the younger brother to tell him when to stop.


Brothers Spanked  - Part 6


When the coach leaves his two handsome players bound and gagged, the

ref comes into the locker room.  The players think that he's there to rescue them

but instead he takes advantage of their helpless situation.  He fondles and gropes

their muscular, young bodies and sucks on their feet and toes.  Then, with their

legs entwined, he slips off their jocks and starts to stroke their cocks.  The players

are disgusted by the attention, especially in the presence of each other, but the ref

is determined to make them shoot for him, and he jerks them both until

they surrender two nice, thick loads.


The Boxer - Part 1


The handsome, muscular boxer finds himself, hanging from the rafters in

the locker room when a masked man approaches.  He struggles to free

himself as the man begins to fondle and caress his firm, muscle bound form,

sending waves of disgust and revulsion through his sexy body.  The man's

hands seem to be everywhere, touching and exploring every inch of him. 


The young man's struggles grow more desperate when the man begins to rip

and tear his shorts from his body, but he's powerless to resist, and soon

finds himself hanging naked at the mercy of this strange man.

The Boxer - Part 2


The boxer is tied to the bench, naked, restrained and defenseless,

when a strange man approaches.  He struggles to free himself, but the

man seems determined to take advantage of his situation.  He fondles the

young boxer's body, exploring every muscle, as the boxer writhes in disgust. 


Then, he takes the young man's cock in his hand and slowly begins stroking. 

The boxer is horrified when his cock begins to respond in spite of his efforts

to resist, and he soon succumbs to the waves of pleasure the man is inflicting. 

Finally he can resist no more.  His body tenses and he looses control, shooting

his load on the strange man's hand as he lays there humiliated and defeated.

The Boxer - Part 3


Hanging from the rafters, the young boxer is powerless to defend himself as

the masked man enters the locker room carrying a vicious looking frat paddle,

lowers his shorts and begins a relentless beating of his firm, muscular ass. 


He cries out in pain, grunting and moaning with every blow as they fall on

his reddening butt.  Clad only in his jock, he looks so sexy as he writhes in

agony while the man continues his punishment with a yard stick, making

him perform a perverse kind of dance for his amusement as he beats the

young man into submission.

The Boxer - Part 4

With his wrists tied to his muscular calves, the young boxer is unable to

defend himself when the masked man returns to begin an assault on his feet. 


First with a metal rod, then with a cane and crop, he inflicts a cruel beating of

the boxers tender soles as he writhes in agony, crying out in pain with every blow.

The Boxer - Part 5

His muscular ass looks so inviting, sticking in the air, outlined by the thin

white straps of his supporter, as he awaits his fate, struggling to free himself. 


The masked man returns with a leather paddle and strap and continues his

assault of the young man's firm cheeks, relentlessly beating his red, sore ass

as he writhes in pain, crying out with every blow.


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