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Muscle Stud Home Alone -  Part 1

He was spending a quiet evening home alone in his apartment when a

masked intruder broke in and overpowered him. 


Now he was bound hand and foot, gagged and at the mercy of this strange man. 

The man started to rip and tear at his clothes, revealing a smooth, muscular body. 

The young man was afraid, unable to defend himself or cry out for help, he wondered

what this man had in mind. But the man silently continued to strip him, in spite

of his struggles, exposing his six pack abs, well developed pecs,

firm bubble butt and muscular legs.


Muscle Stud Home Alone -  Part 2


His fear gradually turned to panic as the masked man continued to tear

his clothes to shreds and the young man realized that he would soon

be stripped naked, tied up and helpless with a crazed lunatic.  Fearing the worse,

as the last of his underwear were torn away revealing his tight ass and big cock

and balls nestled in a nest of blond pubic hairs, the young man is relieved

when the man finished stripping him and left the apartment.


Muscle Stud Home Alone -  Part 3


The bound young man's relief was short lived.  While he struggled to

free himself from his bonds another man entered the apartment

and started to fondle the terrified young man. He's repulsed when

the man starts to play with his cock and balls and disgusted with

himself when he starts to grow hard, but he's unable to resist the

pleasurable feelings being put upon him. 


Soon he gives in to the feelings, moaning with pleasure even as he

wills himself not to, and in spite of his efforts the masked man gets

a huge ejaculation form the mortified young man as he shoots on himself

and the man's relentless hand.


After The Match - Part 1


Still in uniform, the sexy soccer player is hazed and left behind by his teammates,

bound, gagged and vulnerable, but the fun is over when a masked man enters

the locker room to take advantage of his helpless state.  The young athlete

is wide eyed and breathless with fear as the man fondles him, then slowly

rips the clothes from his body, revealing a well defined and tanned

athletic form.  Then, to further his humiliation, the man fondles him

until his cock is fully erect, then leaves him restrained for

more abuse to come.


After The Match - Part 2


The masked man continues to torment the young athlete.  Tied to the locker

room bench he is now subjected to groping and fondling of his genitals that

causes him to become erect in spite of himself.  He tries to resist the pleasurable

 sensations being put upon him by another man but looses the struggle. 

He eventually gives in and shoots his thick load on his stomach

and onto the man's hand. 


After The Match - Part 3


Now tied to a stool, the young athlete is subjected to a horrible beating

with a leather paddle and whip.  His struggling and whimpering soon gives

way to a pathetic, high pitched screaming that echoes thru the locker room

as the vicious attack progresses.


After The Match - Part 4


The man's torment of the young jock is complete, not even the soles

of his feet are spared.  The man beats his feet with a variety of canes

and the jock's agonized screams and loud, labored breathing fill the

room as he writhes in pain.


After The Match - Part 5 


The masked man saves the worst for last.  With a crop, cane and rawhide

switch he delivers a sadistic whipping of the athletes muscular ass and

upper thighs.  The young jock screams from the exquisite pain as his ass

becomes red and covered with stripes.


Game Over - Part 1


The muscular young man was so absorbed with the game he even didn't

notice the masked man slip into his home, he was totally unaware that he

was about to be assaulted in his own home.  The man knocks him out,

then binds and gags him before starting to cut and tear off his clothes. 

When the young man tries to cry out, the man warns him to be still, or else. 

So the terrified young stud is passive and powerless as the man strips him

naked, then begins to fondle his cock.


Game Over - Part 2


Bound and gagged, the young stud must submit to the attentions of the

masked man as he strokes, fondles and teases him to erection.  He tries

to resist, to keep himself from becoming excited, not wanting to humiliate

himself but the man is relentless and the young, straight stud eventually

looses control.  With his cock throbbing and twitching, his legs flexing and

his toes curling he arches his back and shoots a load in the man's hand.


Holiday Terror - Part 1


He was going door-to-door, collecting for a holiday charity, when he

knocked on the wrong door.  Overpowered by a muscular masked

man he found himself bound and gagged, his clothes slowly ripped

from his body as he struggled in panic to free himself. 


Holiday Terror - Part 2


The masked man has him where he wants him, bound and gagged, naked,

vulnerable and afraid.  The young man struggles as the captor starts to

grope and fondle his defenseless body, soon he's playing with his cock

and balls and the young victim grows hard in spite of himself. 


But the man won't be satisfied until he makes him to shoot his load,

which he does in spite of the young man's efforts to resist.


A Quiet Evening at Home - Part 1


The young muscle man was spending a quiet evening at home when

a masked intruder overpowered, gagged and restrained him.  He struggles

to free himself but he's tied too tight, and the masked man has his way with him. 

To his horror, the masked man rips and cuts away at his clothes, revealing a strong

muscular chest, well developed pecks, bulging biceps and strong thighs. 

Bare chested, his slacks ripped to shreds, the young man struggles in fear,

terrified of what's to come next.


A Quiet Evening at Home - Part 2



The muscle man cringes in fear and disgust as the masked man runs his cold,

rough hands over his exposed skin, fondling and groping as the young victim

writhes in loathing.  The masked man slowly cuts and rips his tight briefs, savoring

the young man's panic, groping and stroking his cock thru the fabric.  The suspense

is killing him and the stud is mortified to feel his cock slowly responding to the

man's touch. When the remnants of the briefs are fully ripped from his body,

the young man lays naked and afraid, with his cock continue to grow

under the man's touch.



A Quiet Evening at Home - Part 3


The young man tries to resist, to control his emotions, but he's mortified when

his cock grows fully erect in response to the intruders stroking.  The man's rough

hands fondle his balls and stroke the exposed head of his uncut cock. 


Then, against his will, his breathing grows louder, his body tenses, he lets out

a loud moan and shoots a load onto the man's persistent stroking.

Pool Hall at the Jersey Shore -  Part 1


How did this happen?  He lingered just a little past closing time, now he

was alone in the pool hall, tied to a chair, gagged, and at the mercy of a

crazed man.  The masked man obviously has something sexual in mind

as he fondles, gropes and massages the young stud's muscular body. 

Then he starts to rip and tear the clothes from his body until he's

almost naked, defenseless and scared.


Pool Hall at the Jersey Shore -  Part 2


Left alone, still bound and gagged, the young captive thinks his ordeal

is over, but it's only just begun.  A different intruder now enters the

poolroom with sex on his mind.  He starts off massaging and fondling

the young man's massive form, then slowly starts to stroke his cock. 


The stud struggles to maintain his composure, but his cock starts to grow

in spite of his efforts to resist.  The man's tempo gradually increases

until he is furiously jerking his captive's cock as he looses his battle, 

giving in to the pleasurable sensations, and shoots a load on his stomach. 

When the intruder leaves him he's overcome with shame and self

loathing at having submitted sexually to another man.


Pool Hall at the Jersey Shore -  Part 3


The young man is now tied to a stool with his ass n the air, and the

first man returns with a large wooden paddle and begins a punishing

assault on his muscular ass. The helpless young main cries out in pain

as the masked assailant beats him with wooden and leather paddles, each

one more painful than the last, until his moans become pitiful screams.


Pool Hall at the Jersey Shore -  Part 4


The young stud's punishment continues when the masked man returns

to cut off the remaining rags from his body, then resumes his beating with

a crop and cane on the tender soles of his feet.  The muscle man cries out

in agony, he's never felt such pain, as he writhes and struggles in his bonds,

afraid that he will break down and cry if the torment continues. 

His breathing is loud and labored, he pants and groans as he tries to cope

with the worst pain he's felt in his young life.


Pool Hall at the Jersey Shore -  Part 5


The young stud sees that his attacker now has two dildos, and he shudders

when he realizes they are for him.  This man intends to fuck his tight, virgin,

straight guy hole.  The man uses a gloved finger to lube his anus,

then fucks him with the dildos.  The young man screams and

struggles in pain and shame, but it's no use.  The masked man

is making him his own little bitch, fucking him as he would a woman. 

When he's finished he sticks a butt plug in him and leaves the muscle

stud humiliated and defeated, stripped of his last shred of manhood.


Smooth Young Hunk - Part 1


This is just the way the strange masked man likes them, young, smooth,

handsome and muscular, and here he comes upon one already restrained,

hanging from the rafters, left by his frat buddies bound and gagged.


He's a real beauty, and the masked man wastes no time in taking advantage of

the situation.  He savagely rips the horrified young man's shirt to shreds, revealing

his smooth, well defined chest, then removes his shoes and socks.  He takes

his time, savoring the moment, as he oils and massages each muscle on his arms

and chest, before fondling and worshiping his big sexy feet.

Smooth Young Hunk - Part 2


After enjoying himself with the young man's chest, the masked man turns

his attention to the terrified youth's jeans as he begins to tear them to shreds,

literally ripping them from his sexy body.  The young hunk is in a panic,

he's being stripped naked by a strange old man and can do nothing to defend

himself except struggle and moan through his gag.  When his jeans are hanging

in taters from his body the strange man turns his attention to the hunk's sexy

white briefs, and slowly begins to rip them off, piece by piece.  The hunk

struggles in vain to get away until his briefs are hanging is shreds and he's

naked and vulnerable before this sick old man.

Smooth Young Hunk - Part 3


Now the strange man has the young hunk where he wants him, naked and

restrained, and he begins to fondle the hunks exposed cock and balls as the

young man writhes in disgust.  He struggles and moans to no avail as his

assailant begins to stroke his cock, and the hunk finds himself erect in the

masked man's hand in spite of his terror.  Slowly but relentlessly the man

continues to jerk the hunk's rock hard cock, his breathing becomes louder

and faster and his body tenses until he can no longer help himself and shoots

his load on the masked man's hand.

Hazed Jock Assault - Part 1


It was just another team hazing of a rookie player, left bound and gagged in

the locker room after practice, as had been done with so many other new players. 

But something went horribly wrong when his teammates left.  A mysterious masked

man entered the room and took advantage of the muscular stud's vulnerability, started

to fondle him, then began to rip and tear his uniform from his body as the player

struggled to free himself.


Hazed Jock Assault - Part 2


As the masked man continued to rip strip the player, exposing his muscular chest,

tight muscular butt and huge biceps, the athletes cries of protest became a pathetic

whimpering of fear and shame.  But the masked man ignored these gagged cries

and continued his work, until the poor player was left almost naked, his uniform

just tattered rags, vulnerable and exposed.  He breathed a sigh of relief when the

masked man left the locker room, thinking his ordeal had ended.  But his relief

would be short lived and the terror would continue.


Hazed Jock Assault - Part 3


The young athlete was just starting to relax when a second man entered the locker

room, this one even creepier than the last.  He cringed in fear then the man touched

his cock and started to tease and stroke it.  His whimpering should have touched

this man and made him stop the assault, but it only seemed to excite him. 


As the man stroked, the desperate athlete tried to resist the pleasure,

hoping the man would go away.  But his cock betrayed him as it grew hard in

the man's hand.  Then the ultimate humiliation, he started to shoot a load in spite

of himself, and the man simply stopped stroking and walked away, leaving

the humiliated athlete to twist in shame and self loathing as his twitching

cock spewed his load onto the floor.

Hazed Jock Assault - Part 4


 The poor suffering stud thought things couldn't possible get worse, but then

the first man returned with a frat paddle.  The rookie tries pleading through his

gag but it does no good, and the man starts a vicious attack on his poor ass with

the frat paddle, and two leather ones.  The young athlete hops about as much

as he can in his restraints, trying to escape the blows, to save himself as his

high pitched cries and pleading fill the room.

Hazed Jock Assault - Part 5


 Bound on the floor in an awkward and humiliating position, the young athlete

whimpers as the masked man removes his cleats and uses a cane to whip the

tender soles of his feet.  He cries out in agony, never having felt such pain,

and he pleads for mercy through his gag, but the masked man has no pity

on the poor suffering young stud.

Hazed Jock Assault - Part 6


 Now the masked man has the young athlete over his knees with his hands

restrained under the bench.  He whimpers in fear and disgust as the man fondles

him before starting a spanking with his hand, a wooden spoon and a bath brush. 

The young stud kicks and screams, twists and tries to evade every blow as he

cries out in pain, acting like a pathetic little bitch.


Mixed Martial Arts Fighter - Part 1


 It was a championship fight, he remembered being in the cage, a typical

ground and pound that must have been a knockout.  The next thing he knew

he was tied up in the quiet locker room with a strange masked man taking

advantage of his helpless position.  The man oiled and massaged every inch

of his hard, muscled body, groping, fondling and invading as the fighter struggled

and cried out through his gag, until he finally lowered his trunks and cut away

his briefs to reveal a long, thick cock and big, low handing balls just waiting

for his attack.


Mixed Martial Arts Fighter - Part 2


 Now the man is determined to have a piece of the athletic fighter. 

The young man cringes as the pervert takes his fat cock in hand and,

stroking in only one direction, begins to get blood into his cock, making

him hard against his will.  The fighter can't believe he's becoming aroused

in spite of his determination not to embarrass himself,  giving the man

what he wants.  But it's pointless to resist, the man is an expert at making

straight guys to cum and, focusing on the ultra sensitive head, pulls a load

out of the humiliated and defeated fighter. 

Then he leaves him to struggle in his shame.



Mixed Martial Arts Fighter - Part 3


 Tied with his hands above his head, the fighter dangles, waiting in fear

for the man's return.  The masked man returns with a black paddle, determined

to inflict pain and suffering on the martial artist, and begins a painful assault

with a series of paddles.  The young man's moans, gasps and cries grow louder

and more pathetic with every blow as he writhes in pain and shame, a once

proud fighter at the mercy of this unknown man.

Mixed Martial Arts Fighter - Part 4


 Naked except for the tape on his hands, with his legs spread wide

and bound in a vulnerable and humiliating position, the mixed martial

artist now endures an assault on his feet as the masked man whips them with

canes and a crop.  He's never felt such pain as he cries out, twisting in agony

with every blow.  The man pauses to oil and massage his feet, only to

tenderize them before he resumes the brutal attack.


Mixed Martial Arts Fighter - Part 5


The masked man has the martial artist tied face down to the locker room

bench and takes a cane to his muscular, beefy ass.  Starting slowly he

gradually increases in intensity as the young athlete struggles to fight the pain,

trying to maintain his dignity.  What a sight, brave and fearsome in the cage,

and a writhing, crying, whimpering bitch now.


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