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Spanking Super Hero Rocket Boy - Part 1


Rich always had a fantasy about spanking the young sidekick of one of our

super heroes that we used to watch on television. Now with a little help from his

friends at, he has a chance to live out that fantasy.

In this scene, Rich knows the real identity of Rocket Boy, and threatens to expose

him unless he submits to a spanking. He takes the hunky super hero over his knee,

 cape, mask and all, and administers a punishing hand spanking.


Spanking Super Hero Rocket Boy - Part 2


He exposes his rock hard butt and blisters it with his paddle while taunting him,

calling him Pussy Boy. But our young hero meets his match when Rich strings

him from the rafters and strips him further, exposing an exquisitely hard muscled body

and beautiful cock, and humiliates him with a painful cropping that has our

once proud hero dancing in agony.




Competitive Body Builder In Trouble


Competitive bodybuilder Frank the Tank, 5' 11" and 245 pounds of solid,

veined muscled finds himself bound with rope and tightly

gagged with a sock and clear tape.


The masked man first cuts up the hunks jeans and t-shirt to reveal his

tight white socks and briefs.  He then proceeds to oil up the struggling bodybuilder,

but not for the usual competition muscle show that he is used to.


Instead he is man handled and slowly stripped of his remaining shreds of underwear,

left struggling and completely naked.




Drunk, Erect and In Trouble


After a long night of partying our straight muscle man is finds himself in bed

and sound asleep in his pajamas. But when our masked man finds him,

he decides this is a good time to slowly cut off his pajamas and proceeds

to man handle the stud. After he slowly strips him of the pajamas and

finally cuts away his boxer briefs he leaves the hunk completely

naked to reveal a rather large erection.




Anthony In Trouble


This straight muscle man's perfect body is strung up with his hands overhead

while is mouth is gagged with duct tape.


The masked man enters and ever so slowly cuts away his clothing and to

further humiliate him, pours ice cold water into his clothes and on his muscles. 

He continues to man handle him, continuing to cut off his cloths leaving him

first in just his underwear socks, while poor Anthony continues to struggle and moan. 

Finally our masked man cuts those away leaving him fully exposed.



Muscle Man Spanked at the Gym - Part 1


This straight muscled stud is nothing but solid muscle who starts out working out

with his weights, showing off his massive muscles, but we soon find him bound

to the equipment that had helped him to build those bulging muscles.

Well it's said "no pain, no gain" and he is stripped naked and spanked with

a leather paddle his ass is red until he's crying out in pain, struggling to be free.



Muscle Man Spanked at the Gym - Part 2  - Bastinado


Now our bodybuilder finds himself, tied to his weight bench with his legs spread

wide in the air, his cock and balls, asshole, feet and everything he owns on

full display, his feet are caned without mercy first on his socked foot and

then barefoot, as he writhes and screams out in agony.



 Muscle Man Spanked at the Gym - Part 3


Buck naked, bent over his weight bar and fully restrained, his muscles are

displayed at their best as he struggles to free himself. He gets a hard beating

that has him struggling, kicking and crying out in pain and humiliation.




Late Night Encounter


Straight body builder Shaun is all muscle, but he doesn't stand a chance

when the masked man. Shaun is settling in for the evening with a late night snack

when our mask man binds and gags him, then proceeds to slowly

cut his clothes off and manhandle the stud. The gagged straight guy

whimpers in struggles, but to no avail.



Mark In Trouble


Mark has been bound by our masked man and left to struggle.

After some time, the masked man returns and slowly cuts away

and tears off the bound and helpless straight man's clothes. The straight guy

 is further humiliated as the masked man strokes Mark's cock

which becomes rock hard and then leaves him that way.




Muscle Man Anthony - Part 1


This straight guy is absolutely beautiful, nothing but rock solid bulging muscle.

It's a turn on watching his muscles straining against the ropes as he struggles

in vain while fully clothed. 

But our straight hunk isn't going to get off that easy. He has his jeans and

shirt ripped to sheds by the masked man.


Muscle Man Anthony - Part 2


This straight guy is absolutely beautiful, nothing but rock solid bulging muscle.

It's a turn on watching his muscles straining against the ropes as he struggles

in vain while fully clothed. 


But our straight hunk isn't going to get off that easy. He has his jeans and

shirt ripped to sheds by the masked man. Now left only in his underwear,

he is oiled up having his muscles man handled before his tight briefs are finally

cut away leaving his dick fully exposed




Hazed Jock In Trouble- Part 1


The new rookie is grabbed and tied up in the locker room by his teammates where

they decide to leave him struggling with his hands over head and gagged with

duct tape while they go out for batting practice. A masked man enters and

begins to man handle him and slowly cuts off his uniform.



Hazed Jock In Trouble- Part 2



The rookie is still struggling and gagged as more and more of his uniform is

cut from his body leaving his young body more and more exposed until there

 is nothing but  shreds of his uniform still hanging from his muscular body.


Hazed Jock In Trouble- Part 3



The rookies is left alone at last, but just when he started thinking me might

be safe, another anonymous character approaches and begins to fondle

the jock's exposed dick. His cock becomes rock hard, and despite his struggling

by a scary man, he shoots his load into the mans hand before he's

left again, bound and ashamed.



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