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Archives - Page 9


First Audition - Jake- Part 1


Jake wants to be a model, heís going on his first audition, and the man will

take advantage of him.  This masculine, would be rising star is made to

fully expose himself, including his arsehole, on camera and in front of an

open window on a busy street.


The camera is on from the moment this typical, homophobic sportsman

enters the room. Ignoring his questions and his modesty is the only way to

deal with this guy, and the man knows heíll be less likely to argue when he

is naked, afraid to protest the manís groping hands. He even makes

him part his buttocks, exposing his straight virgin

asshole for the first time anywhere.


First Audition - Jake- Part 2


Now is crunch time.  The man has him tied to the desk and tells him he

has to see if he can have an erection and ejaculate on camera.  He starts

to play with Jakeís cock, telling him to imagine he is alone as he furiously

wanks his cock, while the camera records his most private moments. 

The camera catches his angry face as he ejaculates, going in for a

close up while fresh sperm still shoots out of his dick.  The model

is ashamed of what heís done and wonders what his father would

say if he could see him now.


First Audition - Jake- Part 3


The man orders him on his hands and knees and slides his fingers up his arse. 

Desperate for money he submits to an intense screwing with a massive dildo,

his hole is stretched and pounded till he canít take anymore.  Heís never let

anyone near his ass - he finds the very idea disgusting. Yet here he

has no choice but to submit to probing fingers and his first dildo.



Pool Room Terror - Part 1


Handsome, muscular, with a defiant, rebellious streak, the young hunk isn't

used to felling powerless, yet he finds himself bound and gagged, at the mercy

of a strange masked man who delights in ripping the clothes from the

frightened straight guy's body. 


He slowly reveals the young man's muscular arms, smooth defined chest

and sexy six pack abs as he writhes in terror and disgust as his assailant oils

and gropes his perfectly defined torso.


Pool Room Terror - Part 2


The sexy hunks fear turns to panic as the masked man turns his attention to

tearing his pants to shreds.  He slowly cuts and tears at the fabric until his pants

are gone.  The young man's blood turns cold when he realized this maniac

intends to strip him completely naked, and his struggles increase as he

wonders what's to come next.  His pathetic class for help are muffled by his gag,

no one will hear or rescue him.  When his shorts are finally cut away,

the young hunk looks so sexy, bound, naked and afraid.

Pool Room Terror - Part 3


Now with his legs extended ion front of him, the masked man binds his toes

to make the arch of his foot back in a painful position and begins a painful

whipping of his tender feet with a crop and cane.  The young man tries to

plead for mercy through his gag to no avail. 


The masked man continues the bastinado as the young hunk writhes in agony,

crying out with every shocking blow to his feet while his breathing is labored

and intense and his eyes bulge with panic, fear and rage.

Nordic Hero - Part 1


 Bound and gagged, struggling desperately to escape, the Nordic hero

is helpless to defend himself when his captor approaches and begins to tear

away his costume. 


The masked man snips away, exposing each well developed muscle

on the built hero's body, gently massaging each one, sending shivers

of revulsion down the helpless hero's body as he tries in vain to pull away. 

But his struggling reaches a fevered pitch as the man cuts away at his shorts,

fondling his exposed cock until it's erect, in spite of the hero's shame and disgust.

Nordic Hero - Part 2


 Now tied to a hard wooden platform, his costume nothing but rags,

the Nordic Hero struggles to free himself when the masked man returns

to massage his sexy, muscular thighs before he started to fondle and stroke

his cock and balls.  His light, teasing touch disgusts the young hero,

but he finds himself becoming aroused, his cock growing rock hard

in response to the mans teasing touch.  Then, when his cock

is rock hard, throbbing for release, the masked man unties

his right hand and makes him jerk himself off for his amusement,

using a riding crop to ensure compliance as the hero shoots

his load in shame and disgust.

Nordic Hero - Part 3


Restrained face down, his muscular ass and thighs exposed and vulnerable,

looking so sexy as they flex in his struggle to free himself, the defeated hero

awaits his fate.  The masked man returns with a leather paddle to begin

a punishing assault on his perfect bubble butt.  His body jerks and thrashes

about on the platform as the crazed man alternates between brutally spanking

his cheeks, then gently fondling and caressing them.

The Wrestler - Part 1


Bound and gagged, tied to the rafters of the locker room, the young wrestler

struggles, trying to breath through the ball gag in his mouth as a strange masked

man cuts and tears the uniform from his body.  Fondling and groping as he goes,

he slowly reveals the young man's well developed pecks, six pack abs, and

bulging biceps, until he slowly cuts away at the shred of fabric to expose

his impressive cock and balls.

The Wrestler - Part 2


Left alone by his assailant, the young wrestler hopes that his ordeal is over, but

his blood turns cold when a second man enters the room, roughly taking hold of

his exposed cock.  This new assailant intends to take advantage of his helpless

situation, and works the young man's cock to erection.  The wrestler tries to

resist the unwanted, pleasurable sensations being caused by the man's cold,

rough hands, to not embarrass himself, but it's no use.  The young athlete

is powerless to resist the man's insistent hands and he soon erupts in

a powerful orgasm, spilling his man juice in shame and degradation.

The Wrestler - Part 3


Now a third masked man enters the locker room carrying a black leather paddle,

fondles the helpless wrestler's bubble butt, then begins a brutal assault with the

paddle.  The defenseless young man can do nothing to protect himself as he

howls in pain, hopping and jumping about in response to each painful blow,

his spent cock bouncing about as he jumps, trying to avoid the brutal beating.

The Wrestler - Part 4


Now with his legs tied to a bench, his feet in the air, vulnerable and defenseless,

the young wrestler waits in fear while the masked man gathers his tools and

approaches him.  He cringes as the man starts to beat his feet with a cane,

first over his socks, then directly on his bare, tender soles.  He beats the

poor young man's feet without mercy as he screams in agony, writhing

in his restraints, his eyes wide open in pain and panic, with the muffled

sounds of his pleading through the gag filling the locker room.

The Wrestler - Part 5


Tied face down on the bench, his butt spread wide, the poor wrestler whimpers

in fear when the masked man returns with the cane.  He pauses to fondle the

athlete's firm bubble butt, then starts to whip them with the cane, inflicting the

harshest punishment yet.  The cane stings as it bites into his flesh, leaving

red stripes on his white skin to trace each impact.  The young wrestler breaks

down when the man continues with a riding crop, his pained, pitiful cries

filling the room as he cries and pleads without shame.

The Wrestler - Part 6


In spite of everything he's been through so far, the young athlete could not

have anticipated what was to come next. Still tied face down, his ass cheeks

spread wide, the crazed masked man was now going to fuck him. 


Using his finger to lube him up, then a series of dildos, he subjects the young man

to the ultimate degradation, pushing the fake rubber cocks into his tight, virgin, straight

jock asshole as he grunts and moans in total defeat and humiliation.



Payback Is A Bitch - Part 1


Tied hands over his head  in a full business suit, a captive of a former employee

he just fired last week, the frightened businessman is at the mercy of a man with

a grudge.  The ball gag prevents him from even trying to reason with the guy,

although he realizes that would be pointless, this guy is determined to even a

score somehow.  He works with cold efficiency as he cuts and tears the suit

with a hunting knife, stripping the clothes off his former boss, probably intending

to emasculate him because he felt that way.  Soon, the boss is left standing

practically naked, in nothing but tattered rags hanging from his muscular form,

breathless from the struggle, wondering what's to come next.


Payback Is A Bitch - Part 2


Now clad in nothing but his briefs and hanging rags, the young executive feels

humiliated and scared.  The man uses his knife to cut away at the back of his

briefs, tearing them open to expose his muscular butt before flipping him over to

do the same to the front., revealing his long, uncut cock.  Then, after repositioning

his hands, he starts a hard and humiliating spanking.  He uses a series of leather

paddles, straps and whips and soon the once proud and powerful young man

is grunting and crying out in pain with every blow, cowering in the corner,

naked and afraid, trying to catch his breath between blows.  The disgruntled

employee pauses to remove the gag from the executive's mouth,

"now I want to hear you scream" he says in a cold, detached voice

before he picks up the whip again.


Payback Is A Bitch - Part 3


Hog tied on the floor, his feet in the air, the crazy former employee takes a

cane and begins to whip is tender feet.  The young boss is helpless to defend

himself against the stinging blows, he's never felt such agony before. The man

beats his feet relentlessly, each blow causing him to cry out in pain through the gag. 

Then he removes the gag again to hear the humiliated and defeated executive

cry out in pain.  His handsome face is contorted and twisted in agony, but he

won't give him the satisfaction f hearing him beg.  When he's had enough, he

leaves him panting and in pain, tied like a pig on the cellar.


Payback Is A Bitch - Part 4


The fired man has his boss tied with duct tape to a saw horse, his round,

sore butt in the air, exposed and bruised.  He starts to whip him with a

metal paddle which causes a deep, throbbing pain, then switches to a metal rod,

which causes the kink of pain you feel right down to the bone.  Then, when

he thinks he has his ass tenderized enough, he takes a riding crop to his ass. 

The sharp, cutting sting of the crop causes him to gasp and cry out with

every stroke.  When will this torture end, he asks himself ?



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