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Basement Terror - Part 1


He's strung up from the rafters in a strange, stone basement,

bound, gagged and struggling.  His pitiful muffled cries for help

filled with terror, but no one can hear him down here.  His trashing and

yelling becomes even more agitated when he sees his assailant appear,

that strange man in the mask who now has him at his mercy.  The man

approaches him, slaps him in the face a few times, then slowly begins to

tear his clothing, until he's naked from the waist up, his strong,

muscle bound chest at odds with his weak, sad cries for help.

Basement Terror - Part 2


 He begs and pleads as the assault continues.  The strange man is intent

on having his way with the muscle man, stripping and fondling his exposed form. 

He cuts away his trousers, leaving him exposed in only his briefs, but these

offer little protection as the man begins to cut and tear them away too. 

The muscle man can do little to defend himself except struggle and plead

as the last of his clothes are cut away, leaving him a naked,

crying shadow of his usual arrogant self.

Basement Terror - Part 3


The masked pervert begins to stroke his exposed cock until it becomes erect. 

He truly intends to have his way.   The young body builder is defenseless,

he struggles, pleads and cries, overwhelmed with shame and disgust as he

responds in spite of himself.  He whimpers so sweetly it's almost touching

as he approaches orgasm.  The masked man takes a huge load from the

struggling muscle man, then leaves him handing to ponder his shame and defeat.

Prodigal Son - Part 1


Handsome, muscular, with a defiant, rebellious streak, the young hunk isn't

used to felling powerless, yet he finds himself bound and gagged, at the mercy

 of a strange masked man who delights in ripping the clothes from the frightened

straight guy's body.  He slowly reveals the young man's muscular arms, smooth

defined chest and sexy six pack abs as he writhes in terror and disgust as his

assailant oils and gropes his perfectly defined torso.

Prodigal Son - Part 2


The sexy hunks fear turns to panic as the masked man turns his attention to

tearing his pants to shreds.  He slowly cuts and tears at the fabric until his pants

 are gone.  The young man's blood turns cold when he realized this maniac

intends to strip him completely naked, and his struggles increase as he wonders

what's to come next.  His pathetic class for help are muffled by his gag, no one

will hear or rescue him.  When his shorts are finally cut away, the young hunk

looks so sexy, bound, naked and afraid.

Prodigal Son - Part 3


Now with his legs extended ion front of him, the masked man binds his toes

to make the arch of his foot back in a painful position and begins a painful

whipping of his tender feet with a crop and cane.  The young man tries to

plead for mercy through his gag to no avail. The masked man continues the

bastinado as the young hunk writhes in agony, crying out with every shocking

blow to his feet while his breathing is labored and intense and his eyes

bulge with panic, fear and rage.

Prodigal Son Stripped & Spanked- Part 4


Now tied naked to a stool, his firm, muscular ass defenseless in the air, the

young man struggles as the masked man begins an assault on his sexy butt,

first with his hand, then with a leather paddle and strap.  The young man

screams out in pain with every blow, his muscular legs kick behind him, his

eyes are bulging with terror.  The masked man slowly builds the intensity

of the beating, driving him nearly insane with pain and fear.


Prodigal Son - Part 5


Tied face down to a workout bench, his firm, muscular ass in the air, the

young man gets the beating of his life as the masked man whips him with

a crop and cane.  He struggles to escape, pulling on the ropes that bind

him as his body trembles in fear and pain.  He cries out, cursing his

assailant with every blow.

Police Officer in Kilt Stripped, Jerked and Spanked   Part 1


The young cop was so excited, dressed in his ceremonial best, he was prepared

to shine on this important day.  But this just wasn't meant to be his lucky day. 

Now he finds himself strung up in the barn, bound, gagged and alone with a

strange madman, one who obviously has a score to settle with him. 

The young policeman finds himself manhandled, roughed-up and fondled in

the most demeaning way as his shirts are ripped from his body to expose his

well developed torso with naturally smooth skin while he struggles in vain,

trying to call for help through his gag.


 Police Officer in Kilt Stripped, Jerked and Spanked  - Part 2


The officers struggles intensify as the masked man oils and massages his

upper body, fondling his arm and chest as the cop writhes in disgust at the

intimate touch of another man.  His chest and arm muscles are highlighted by

the oil the man has applied.  But the cop panics when the man pulls the kilt

from his body, revealing his exquisitely defined body, his smooth, round

bubble butt, his strong, muscular legs and his well shaped cock and balls

just inviting the touch.  The poor cop feels so exposed and vulnerable. 


 Police Officer in Kilt Stripped, Jerked and Spanked  -  Part 3


The young cop is left alone, naked, defenseless and afraid, struggling in his

restraints, fearing what will come next.  Soon he's joined by another man

who begins to fondle, stroke and tease the poor cops exposed cock. 

The young cop feels like he will vomit at so intimate a touch of another man,

but he finds himself hardening in spite of himself.  The man continues to

stroke and the cop can do nothing to stop him until his breathing quickens,

his legs tense and the masked man makes him to shoot his load.

Police Officer in Kilt Stripped, Jerked and Spanked  - Part 4


Having been jerked off by another man, the young cop thinks things couldn't

get any worse.  He was wrong.  Now tied face down to a table, struggling

and moaning through his gag, the masked man lifts his kilt to expose his perfect,

round butt, and proceeds to spank him with a frat paddle.  The officer jumps

and yelps in pain through his gag, every muscle of his body exposed and

reacting in pain to each blow, his situation a stark contrast between the sight

of his strong, young body and his pitiful reactions as the blows continue

to rain down on him.

 Police Officer in Kilt Stripped, Jerked and Spanked  -  Part 5


The officer is flat on his back with his muscular legs extended in front of him,

his sexy feet exposed and vulnerable as the masked man continues his assault

with a whipping on his soles.  He whips the young cops feet without mercy

with a cane and riding crop, each blow causing the cop to cry out in agony. 

He's never felt such pain, each blow landing like a knife that cuts into his feet,

sending a sharp pain up through his calves.  The man is relentless, and

the once strong and proud cop whimpers and cries like a bitch, no longer

acting like a brave officer of the law.



Police Officer in Kilt Stripped, Jerked and Spanked  -  Part 6


Tied face down once more, his muscular ass in the air, the young cop continues

to be punished.  The masked man beats his butt with a ruler, then a riding crop,

until his beautiful young ass is a bright shade of red.  The cop cringes in fear

and pain, yelling out and crying in agony, unable to control himself as he cries

and screams.  It seems like it will never end, the masked man is determined

to break him, to reduce him to a shameful, pitiful display of fear and pain,

just so he can enjoy the sight.

Stripped, Jerked & Fucked In The Barn - Part 1


 The young ranch hand knew he shouldn't have given in to that

woman's sexual fantasy.  Once she had him tied up she left him there,

bound, gagged and helpless for her gay friend to manhandle.  Now here

he was, masked to protect his identity, as he began the delightful task

of stripping the cowboy naked.  All the cowboy could do was struggle

in his restraints, moaning through his gad, as the stranger tore his clothes

from his body, fondling his smooth muscular chest and legs as he did so,

until he was left with only the torn remains of his trousers for protection. 

Stripped, Jerked & Fucked In The Barn - Part 2


The ranch hand knows he's defeated.  The masked man finishes stripping

him and the fight has gone out of the cowboy, he knows his fate.  

The masked man cuts away the remainder of his trousers and begins

to slowly rip and tear away his boxers.  He fondles the young cowboy

through his shorts as he tears, and when the last of his shorts are finally

cut off, his rock hard cock springs into view.  Then the masked

pervert steps back to admire the view, the young ranch hand naked,

erect and helpless, with terror in his eyes, wondering what will happen next.

Stripped, Jerked & Fucked In The Barn - Part 3


 The helpless ranch hand becomes rigid with fear, dread and disgust as

the masked man approaches and reaches for his cock.  He takes the

dick in hand and begins to stroke, and  the disgusted cowboy becomes

aroused in spite of himself.  The masked man enjoys the power he

has over the defenseless cowboy as he intends to make him to shoot a load. 

The cowboy tries in vain to resist, but his breathing becomes more and

more labored, his body becomes rigid, his balls tighten and he shoots

a load all over the masked man's hand in spite of himself.  Then the

stranger leaves him in his restraints, filled with disgust and self loathing,

thinking things couldn't get worse, but there's more to come.

Stripped, Jerked & Fucked In The Barn - Part 4


 Now finding himself tied face down on a saw horse, his legs open

and his asshole on display, the cowboy discovers that the worst is yet to come. 

The masked man lubes his finger, rubs his puckered anus with the gel,

and inserts it into the cowboys virgin hole.  He grunts at the feeling of

this intrusion, but feels more humiliation than pain.  But the masked man

has other plans, and soon the poor cowboy is being fucked savagely

with a dildo on a pole, crying out in pain and humiliation.


Home Style Rip Strip & Jerk - Part 1


Two young men in a role play scenario of dominance and submission as the

top man, disguised in a mask, coldly and efficiently cuts the clothes off his

submissive partner prior to jerking him off.  He works with almost artistic

ability as he cuts his partners clothes to shreds.


Home Style Rip Strip & Jerk - Part 2


The top man now focuses on tearing his bottom's pants and briefs, paying

special attention to tearing the bottom of his shorts as he enjoys massaging

and groping his firm, bubble butt.  He turns him over and does the same to

the front of the briefs, taking his time to slowly cut away at the fabric, until

his rock hard cock is visible beneath the tattered remains of his shorts.

Home Style Rip Strip & Jerk - Part 3


Now completely into the role play, the bottom boy begins to resist, his rock

hard cock in the top man's hand, he tries to get away but he's bound and

gagged and under the complete control of the top.  Over and over again the

top brings him to the edge, then stops, leaving him frustrated and longing

for release but enjoying the submission.  Finally, the masked top goes for it,

stroking his "victim" to a loud and satisfying orgasm. 


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